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Moly Care: Premium Car Care Service

Moly Care provides premium car care service to best meet the need of customers and ensure their greatest convenience.

The Moly Care service franchise is now offered by PetroTrade in cooperation with Car-Lack (Thai-German) Co., Ltd. The services include exterior car wash, interior cleaning, special coating via cutting-edge technology and so forth. Moly Care is the first provider of crystal glass coating service in Lao PDR. There are now four Moly Care service centers and there are plans to open many more in PLUS Platinum and PLUS Gold gas stations.

Changing engine oil and engine oil filter services.

Oil price (03/08/2017)

Province Plus Super 95
Plus Regular 91
Plus Diesel
Vientiane cap
8,670 7,670 6,900
Khammuan 8,700 7,700 6,930
Savannakhet 8,700 7,700 6,930
Champasak 8,730 7,730 6,960
Borkeo 9,150 8,150 7,380
Luangprabang 9,130 8,130 7,360