Social Involvement

Sharing & Contributing to Society

All brands under the PetroTrade label have been developed under its unique idea of communicating with society through corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. Since its inception, PetroTrade has embraced the giving and sharing principle to create a better society. To ensure profit making is balanced with contributions to society, the company has implemented CSR projects on a continuous basis.

Giving Warmth to Society Project

The Giving Warmth to Society Project has been held annually to extend winter relief supplies to people in remote areas. PetroTrade spends millions of Lao Kip each year to provide rural people across the country with blankets to keep them warm during the cold season.


Reforestation Project

Forest covers approximately 47 percent, or more than 11 million hectares of the land area in Lao PDR; it is regarded as the most abundant forest resource in the ASEAN region. Aware of its importance, PetroTrade has a policy for conservation of natural heritage in the country and the world and has implemented the reforestation project for five consecutive years, increasing forest area by more than 800 hectares.

Moreover, the company has contributed to society, focusing on sports, education, and public health as well as transportation and traffic issues.

Oil price (03/08/2017)

Province Plus Super 95
Plus Regular 91
Plus Diesel
Vientiane cap
8,670 7,670 6,900
Khammuan 8,700 7,700 6,930
Savannakhet 8,700 7,700 6,930
Champasak 8,730 7,730 6,960
Borkeo 9,150 8,150 7,380
Luangprabang 9,130 8,130 7,360